Key features

Lifecycle Management


Your network's source of truth enabling your staff to access and manage AR profiles, statuses and other relevant information, in a secure, central location.

Employee Self Service

AR Self-Serve Portal

Enable your ARs to be self sufficient with access to all relevant resources from messages, files and reporting required to stay compliant and keep writing business.


Automated on-boarding

Background checks and KYC workflows guide potential ARs through a customisable application process which staff can track and manage as ARs progress through its stages.

WHS Compliance


Securely communicate sensitive information with your network and track engagement with insights.


Resource Center

Distribute files and documentation to your ARs with version control and insights for compliance reporting.

Performance Appraisals

Revenue management

Manage revenue distribution with fee tracking and support for complex split and referral rules.

Designed for you and your AR network

Whether you’re an emerging or large licensee, LAMP covers all your management needs.

A fully integrated cloud solution tailored for License

Features for a full AR management workflow.

Licensee manager AR self serve
AR Management Pre-engagement
Insights & reporting
Management Record management
Policy register
Policy register insights & reporting
Global messaging
Direct messaging
Messaging insights & reporting
Resource center
Resource center insights & reporting
Commissions Commissions processig
Batch payment files (ABA)
RCTI, summary & full payment reports
Business intelligence Dashboard & drill down reporting
Financial ledgers & disbursement reports

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Per month (includes first 10 workers)

Tier Company size Additional cost per active user per month
1 Up to 100 $21.50
2 101 to 350 $15.70 (Plus Tier 1 maximum cost)
3 351 to 1000 $12.50 (Plus Tier 2 maximum cost)
4 1001 + $10.50 (Plus Tier 2 & 3 maximum cost)

Pricing does not include GST. Additional user are charged monthly based on your previous month's active workers. There is a 12 month minimum term for all LAMP subscriptions.